Nostalgic Movie Scenes of Istanbul


Cinema is the mirror of the city. One of the best ways to familiarize with a city is cinema. İstanbul, with no doubt, is a city of cinema. It has been the main natural plateau of Turkish cinema since the end of 1930s. The first filming in İstanbul was made by a camera located on a boat throughout the golden horn.

If you also enjoy feeling the spirit of a city through the movies such as Roman Holiday, In Bruges or Before Sunrise, let’s look at Istanbul, the city with seven hills, in the eyes of the seventh art. Even, let’s wear the nostalgic glasses and luckily have the chance to look at Istanbul of those times in old movies of Yeşilçam (Turkish cinema).

The Past and Present of Istanbul’s Water Transport

It’s impossible to think of Istanbul without thinking of the Bosphorus. The Bosphorus defines the city and is the place of fantastic views, waterside neighbourhoods, opulent palaces, ornate Ottoman mosques, wooden yalı mansions, fish restaurants, charming tea gardens, walking routes, green parks, cross-continental vapurs (ferries) and much more. It literally connects the two sides of Istanbul – in more than one way.

From Turkish to Third Wave: The Best Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Photo credit: Flickr user svabodda
Coffee means so much to so many people. It’s much more than a drink; it’s a lifestyle. It awakens, revives, refreshes. It is the drink of intimate conversations, the best friend of books, the chosen beverage of artists, and a source of inspiration. Coffee is one of the few drinks to have spawned a related culture. This situation obviously is not confined to Istanbul; coffee has a unique value within the daily life, culture and art of societies around the world. But I wanted to look at the past and present of coffee culture in Istanbul.

Amazing Hand-made Turkish Food

Here in Turkey, we take our food very seriously. Eating is an exceptionally important part of our lives and therefore it isn’t too surprising that we’ve come up with a couple brilliant recipes over time.

Most of these dishes take hours to prepare, and merely minutes to devour. You might think that would be aggravating; we think it’s entirely worth it! We comprised a list of these mouth-wateringly delicious dishes for you.