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On the evening of June 28th, Istanbul’s main airport (Atatürk International Airport) was hit by a suicide bombing attack which resulted in – official numbers – 41 dead and 239 injuries. This has been a real tragedy for our country. As Istanbul Tour Studio, we would like to extend our deepest condolences for the victims and their families. In the past few months, the world has witnessed such terror attacks more than ever and we stand together with our friends in Paris, Ivory Coast, Brussels, Beirut and Orlando. As terror globally targets our livelihood and every day life, we all ask similar questions: where is safe nowadays? Should we refrain from travelling?

As Istanbul Tour Studio, we would like to highlight some press stories published recently on this subject, with the hope that we can stand united and courageous against forces aiming to spread fear among us:

Is Istanbul safe for tourists?

1- Andrew Bender for Forbes “After Terror Attack in Istanbul, Why I’m Still Traveling in Turkey”: Terrorism” is a powerful word, but it’s used so almost casually these days that we sometimes forget that at its root, its aim is to coerce through fear. Read the full story here.

Why I'm Still Traveling in Turkey

2- Soo Kim for Telegraph “Turkey travel advice: is Istanbul safe for tourists?” “Following an attack at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, travellers in Istanbul are advised to follow the advice of the local authorities and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.” 

Turkey travel advice: is Istanbul safe for tourists?

“In the tourist magnet of Istanbul, all museums have airport type security x-ray scanners for bags and so do shopping malls. Mosques – such as, the Blue Mosque – one of Istanbul’s most famous historic buildings in the Sultanahmet district – however, are not said to have any security scanners.” Click to read the full story. 

3- Justin Sablich for The New York Times “Traveling to Turkey? What Tourists Should Know” While there was an increased police presence at Ataturk Airport on Wednesday, other areas of the city had already seen an expanded police presence following the earlier attacks.” Click to read the full story.

Traveling to Turkey? What Tourists Should Know

4- Rick Steves on his official Facebook page: “Should I react by not traveling there and, in doing so, contribute to Turkey’s economic hardship? Is traveling there after the recent bombing reckless from a personal safety point of view? Should I embolden the terrorists by reacting the way they want me to? How you answer depends on your perspective. But I choose to answer with a hearty “no.”

Rick Steves Official Facebook Page Post

5- Tom Brosnahan on Turkey Travel Planner: “I follow the diplomats’ advice to avoid large gatherings, especially any that are political, etc. Please read these Travel Advisories:”

Tom Brosnahan - Turkey Travel Planner "Should I go?"

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