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It’s still possible to find that Christmas feeling in Istanbul. Although Christmas itself is not celebrated by most people in Turkey, Christmas decorations and gifts are associated with new year’s celebrations, making it quite easy to find gifts to treat your friends or family. However, finding alternative sustainable gifts sometimes requires some effort. The Closet Circuit Holiday Craft Bazaar was held between 6th-9th December 2015, and offered a unique opportunity in terms of its sustainable, eco-friendly gift options made by local artists.

Holiday Craft Bazaar

Closet Circuit is a space where you can find second-hand products or artistic items that are produced without any harm to nature. It is basically a sustainable store that offers us an alternative way of consuming. By preferring sustainable products, it’s possible to reduce your carbon foot-print, conserve nature and reduce waste.

There is also a second-hand circulation where you can leave things that you no longer use and find the things you need without buying brand new. Even if you are not interested with buying anything, you can still go to Closet Circuit’s cafe any time and enjoy your coffee or other healthy drinks.

Let’s go back to my visit to Holiday Craft Bazaar. It was my first time in Closet Circuit and I liked its cosy and creative environment. I looked around a while and had small chats with artists about their crafts. They were happy to have the opportunity to share their work with people in Closet Circuit since it has a similar sensitivity for sustainability as the artists themselves. I enjoyed spending time in Closet Circuit and wanted to share my favorite items with you.

1. Paintings

Holiday Craft Bazaar

These paintings of Gabrielle Reeves would be an excellent cultural gift. She depicts Istanbul and its culture in her paintings. Although I am not such an art expert, I can still say that I got pleasure from looking at them. You can look further into her paintings on her website.

2. Handmade shoes

Holiday Craft Bazaar

I was fascinated with these handmade shoes that are made for children. I could hardly dare to put on such glamorous shoes. I guess they could also be an interesting decorative item.

3. Handmade rings

Holiday Craft Bazaar

There were also interesting hand-made rings and jewelery by the artist, Olivia Cummings. They were all distinct from each other and would be a perfect gift for someone special. I liked the idea of getting a tailor-made, unique ring for someone. This is the website to find more pieces by the artist.

4. Cards and bags

Closet Circuit

Hand-made bags and Christmas cards designed by Liza Büyüktaşçiyan were my favorites of the Bazaar. They reflect Christmas perfectly with artsy illustrations. She doesn’t have a website yet but you can reach her via Facebook.

Don’t be sad if you missed the Bazaar! You can actually visit Closet Circuit anytime to find something creative. They always have artistic pieces as well as eco-friendly products. Closet Circuit is the right place to anyone who is looking for a store that is both creative and sustainable.



Address: Firuzaga Mahallesi Bostanbasi Caddesi No:23 Cukurcuma- İstanbul         Click here for Google Maps

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