Emre Alankaya

Emre Alankaya

Reservation Assistant at Istanbul Tour Studio Born and raised in Istanbul Dealing with Latin and French

I Had A Dream Called Legoland


As parents, relatives, or good friends, we occasionally have a duty to entertain little one(s). Usually activities such as cinemas, theaters and museums flash to our minds. They could save the day but what if you are on your vacation, especially if you are in Istanbul. Everything’s unlikely to be in your native language rendering the above activities problematic. But hey, we have good news for you. There is a universal language called LEGOLAND.

Are You Ready To Lose Your Sight?

karanlikta diyalog

Let me introduce you to Dialogue in the Dark, ‘’Karanlıkta Diyalog’’ in Turkish. I visited the exhibition four times, each time a different friend, therefore I finally decided to write about it. As you can guess, our topic will be about blindness. In Turkey, we unfortunately forget the existence of the people without the capability of seeing. Most municipalities don’t adequately build neither pavement nor crosswalks for disabled people. This event will make us to realise their struggles just to walk on the streets.