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If you are coming to Istanbul and if you want to do something else than seeing the touristy attractions, you definitely should check out these tattoo artists. Their work will leave you in awe.

Our first three tattoo artist both work mostly on black and white tattoos. They all have a very detailed and dainty style.

1) Biçem Şınık

Biçem Şınık has a very unique style. Her tattoos are very delicate and are customized for every customer. If you are thinking of getting tattooed but are intimidated by the thought of big statement tattoos, she is the one to go. These delicate tattoos are very elegant and would look good on anyone.

* ahem * she is my personal favourite * ahem *


You have to e-mail her via [email protected] to get an appointment.

2) Okan Uçkun

Okan Uçkun’s style mainly consists of black and white, geometrical dot work. I think of him like the male version of Biçem Şınık, however this does not mean that they do the same work. They both have their own distinct styles. Okan Uçkun also creates very elegant and beautiful tattoos with his tattoo gun.


Address: Golden Arrow Street, 21 Miralay Nazım Sk, İstanbul.  Click for Google Maps

Phone: 0 (216) 337 7718

3) Denizhan Özkar

Denizhan Özkar, just like the above-mentioned two tattoo artists, also does black and white dot work. Among his clients is also the lead singer of Athena, a Turkish punk rock band which has also represented us in the Eurovision Song Contest.


To get an appointment you have to can send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Don’t think I forgot about those who are into watercolor tattoos. Watercolor tattoos have been in for a while now and if I may say, we have very good tattoo artists who mainly do watercolor work. Here are two of them.

4) Barış Yeşilbaş

I mean… Look at that watercolor work! There are some seriously realistic paint splatters and don’t even get me started on those colors and how they perfectly blend into each other.
Need I say more?


Address: 19 Mayıs Caddesi Arkon Residence 1 No:20 Daire:42, İstanbul. Click for Google Maps

E-Mail: [email protected]

5) Resul Odabaş

Drum roll please! Resul Odabaş is maybe one of the most known tattoo artists in İstanbul. His style varies from black and white really detailed tattoos, to watercolor tattoos. His tattoo gun can bring anything you want to life.


Address: Firuzaga mah. hayriye cad .18/B Beyoğlu /İstanbul Click for Google Maps

Phone: 02122449367

E-Mail: [email protected]

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, the time is now. Istanbul has many more awesome tattoo artist in whose hands you would be very safe. Any appointments with all these tattoo artist would probably done before hand and you can contact them all through their e-mail.

Su Akaydin
Author at Istanbul Tour Studio. Bookworm. Full-time sarcastic. Fluent in English and German.