Street Food from an Ottoman Istanbul


Large cities have always been home to mobile vendors selling anything from small toys to dried liver. By the end of the 18th century, newer, larger influxes of migrants brought in many changes for the urban dwellers of Istanbul. Many of these newcomers first found shelter within the markets of the city. As a result, individuals, either migrants or locals, started setting up makeshift cook shops within and around market places. Within 100 years, the number of merchants increased exponentially. The smell of cooking stands, sights of prepared food, and the sounds of mobile vendors singing out their goods were all too familiar. And, for some it was a sign of reputable social standing to be able to “eat out.”

Byzantine Cuisine and Dining Tradition

Byzantine Empire, also known as Eastern Roman Empire, controlled the area of comprising present-day Turkey for more than one thousand years (330 – 1453 CE). As an empire living such a long time in this geography would develop a rich food culture. And yet, Byzantine cuisine has been a mystery for scholars, cooks, and the general public, because cookbooks surviving from the Byzantines are very rare. Regarding the Byzantine cuisine and dining tradition, scholars usually make deductions with the help of written sources and works of art such as, paintings, icons, frescoes, and so on. In this post, we would like to introduce you Byzantine cuisine and dining tradition of the Byzantines.

A Brief List of Istanbul Recommendations


Not only is Istanbul big, but it’s also very old. Even from an early Ottoman period could the city boast high numbers of engaged tourists traveling through. With so many sights to see, foods to eat, and drinks to drink, it’s a wonder why so many Istanbul enthusiasts and locals alike recommend the same activities. Hoping to break this cycle, here are the latest non-touristy or local recommendations from Istanbul Tour Studio.

Istanbul Fish and Their Seasons


Fishing season is -finally- open in Istanbul as of today, September 1st. As a city surrounded by two seas (Black Sea on the north and Marmara Sea on the south) and one strait (Bosphorus) connecting these two seas, Istanbul is rich in terms of fish and seafood. In addition, starting from Ancient Greek period to today Istanbul has a rich and serious history of fishing and fish consumption. For instance, Byzantion -Ancient Greek colony founded in the seventh century BC on the lands that later became Constantinople, and then Istanbul- was a fishermen village and main income of Byzantion was fish and other sea food. Moreoever, we know from primary sources that during the Middle Ages main nutrition of Istanbulites was fish.

From Turkish to Third Wave: The Best Coffee Shops in Istanbul

Photo credit: Flickr user svabodda
Coffee means so much to so many people. It’s much more than a drink; it’s a lifestyle. It awakens, revives, refreshes. It is the drink of intimate conversations, the best friend of books, the chosen beverage of artists, and a source of inspiration. Coffee is one of the few drinks to have spawned a related culture. This situation obviously is not confined to Istanbul; coffee has a unique value within the daily life, culture and art of societies around the world. But I wanted to look at the past and present of coffee culture in Istanbul.

Amazing Hand-made Turkish Food

Here in Turkey, we take our food very seriously. Eating is an exceptionally important part of our lives and therefore it isn’t too surprising that we’ve come up with a couple brilliant recipes over time.

Most of these dishes take hours to prepare, and merely minutes to devour. You might think that would be aggravating; we think it’s entirely worth it! We comprised a list of these mouth-wateringly delicious dishes for you.

4 Delicious Köfte (Meatball) Vans in Istanbul

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Street vendors are inseparable parts of the harmony of Istanbul streets. Simit, pilav, roast corn, chestnuts, all kinds of fruit, fish sandwich, dürüm, kokoreç, stuffed mussel, and meatball… After soccer games, during the concerts, on the way back home after a tiring workday, after a night out, or in a hunger crisis in midnight… They are always welcoming you: Meatball vans! If you are open trying tasty, local street food, we invite you to a “meatball adventure” on the backstreets of Istanbul.