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What’s the first thing you do before deciding where to travel next?
Sometimes you decide after an intense research and put everything on a schedule, read traveler boards, check traveler blogs, ask friends about suggestions… But wait! This isn’t how it always works, right?


That moment…
There is this time when you are carelessly scrolling through the Instagram feed on a lazy day and something catches your eye! You stop scrolling right there and keep looking at it. An amusing, vibrant photo making your feet want to go out and start running to this place. This very moment your ‘traveler inner voice’ shouts like “You gotta see this place!”. Maybe this is when you started planning to visit Istanbul, who knows…
There are many great Instagramers sharing photos of Istanbul which are talking to your “traveler inner voice”. Today we’ll share our top 5 favorite Instagram accounts with you. Here you go:
* Randomly ordered.

1. @umitko – warm and peaceful Istanbul moments

2. @cizenbayan – architect,blogger,yogini,traveler

3. @barkinozdemir – young and active traveler with full of surprises

4. @anlamarama – traveler & writer

5. @sezyilmaz – sharp and vivid frames from Sezgin’s perspective

BONUS: @kuklasureyya – “Süreyya the Muppet” – meet the hairy, purple resident of Istanbul

Bahadir Efeoglu
Project coordinator and blogger at Istanbul Tour Studio. Born and raised in Istanbul. Traveled to several countries and keen to explore more!
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